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The Government will pay for their passage ; but, as the metes and bounds of the public lands are not accurately defined, it would seem as if no lands could be given away at present. Great dw and temples are to-day concealed by thick forests, and the traveler can not form a correct idea of their original size.

A cross, standing on a pedestal about 12 feet high, has been erected recently f at the center of the plat- form. In addressing letters, Sr. Init was 7, ; in7, ; in9, ; in9, ; in9, ; in9, ; in10, If, on the other hand, he wishes to linger in the cities and stay at the best hotels, twenty dollars a week will cover the cost of living outside of the capital.

Tertlias_Anotaes 772 a 1315

Scott landed at Vera Cruz, and marched westward. Nezahualpilli began to reign in the year The coupons will begin bearing interest on July 21, Both mndado the American companies just mentioned have time-tables printed in English and Spanish, and their ticket- agents can generally speak both languages. The rainy season varies slightly in different parts of Mexico, but always occurs in summer. Death of President Juarez.


Lead-ores, usually in the form of galena and oftentimes argentiferous, are abundant throughout the country. The distance from Vera Cruz to the City of Mexico, about miles, was traversed in twenty-four hours.

At presenttraveling in Mexico is as safe as in the western part of the United States. The Mexicans have a prov- erb which runs thus: It must not be assumed, however, that these sub- ventions are paid in money.

There are, how- ever, excellent bath-houses in the principal cities, which are mandad within two or three minutes’ walk of the princi- pal hotels.

A telegraph line has been built by the company, mandadl the Government reserves the right to put up a wire for its own use on the i oles. Un steelbook muy trabajado y bonito tanto por fuera como por dentro. Qiie anchura tiene la veta 9 Ten inches wide.

The rolling stock and permanent way of the trunk-lines may be concisely described as follows: Mancado Nahualtecs appeared in A. This company has lately consolidated all its concessions under the law of January 11, The vocabulary of Spanish words, together with the collection of colloquial phrases, has been made as complete as the limited space devoted to it would permit.

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English railway, from Vera Cruz to Mexico milescom- pleted. There are two lines of coasting steamers on the Pacific, which run as far north as Guaymas. A chapel has been erected by the Mexicans on the platform of this great mound. Tecotlalla began to reign in the fourteenth century. It is surrendered at discretion by Ortega.

The principal edifices are the great mound and a circular stone structure. The plates of the chapter on the Mexican Central Railway have been altered, and the most complete list of stations obtainable at the time of going to press has been published.

Unsealed business circulars, 5 cents each, or 14 a hun- dred. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can’t offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. This movie runs the gamut of emotions, with comedy in the background of the entirety. The tierra templada, or mandadoo zone, and the table- land, may be frequented xe any season, although the winter climate of the former is somewhat preferable.