Brihaspati Vrat Katha, Thursday Fast and Vrat Katha – Observance of this fast brings fulfillment of all wishes and Brihaspati God becomes happy. should women keep fast of brihaspati vrat during periods. By Riya Roy on 17/08/ regarding brihaspati vrat. Follow | 1. Answer(s) | of married life. Dev Guru Brihaspati is the Karaka of money. While observing fast, the rules of Vrat should be followed strictly. On the day of.

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Dev Guru Brihaspati is the Karaka of money. This New Year, remember your promise. It is a story of ancient times — There was a king who was very powerful and munificent he use to observe fast on every Thursday and offer worships.

Brihaspati Vrat Vidhi

They went and collected Grams and Jaggery from vrta stable and offering gram pulses to root of banana tree. Stories you may want to read. Many who follow the vrat katha on Thursdays are asked to keep fast, perform the puja and then break the fast. Also, for happiness in married life, Thursday fast should be observed and yellow colored sweets should be offered to Lord.

Take meals only once a day your meals should contain Gram Pulses. Home Blogs Thursday Fast.

Remember him in the heart and wish him victory. Once it so happened that the king went to the forest to hunt wild game, there were only the Queen and her maids in the palace. Additionally water is also offered. But her mother remains unchanged. Once there was a very poor Brahmin during ancient times he had no issue he used to worship God everyday but his wife neither took bath in the morning nor did she ever worship any deity owing to this reason the Brahmin used to remain very sad.


Numerology predictions for For achieving this purpose, a person should observe fast of Thursday and donate meal to poor people as well as provide alms as per his capacity. They became very brrihaspati, but since they had observed the fast, Brihaspati God was pleased with them he came in the guise brihaspatj a very ordinary person with two platters full of meals made of yellow materials, in his hands.

Vedic Secrets

Partial Solar Eclipse is coming and here’s how it will affect your Zodiac Sign. People having Vray Guru in weak position in their Kundali must observe this fast.

One day her daughter became very angry with her she locked her in a room next day she forced her to take bath and offer worships and thus set right. We have learned pandits with us who can explain the significance of the puja in your life and also perform the same on your behalf and help you reap the benefits.

But the queen again became very lethargic like she was before. On the day of fast, the brihaspatj should get up brihaspatl in the morning and worship Jupiter Brihaspati.

Thursday Fast – Procedure and Rules of Thursday Fasting

Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs for Close your eyes and pray for what to you want. On the advice of her maid, the queen inquired from her sister about observance of fasts in the worship of Brihaspati God. Fast should be kept with pious heart and one should keep chanting Lord Brihaspati mantra whole day to obtain best results. Fasting-Be it Navratri or Crat, fasting has its own charm.

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Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India. After worshiping Lord Brihaspati Jupiter in the morning, yellow sweet should be offered to God.

As per the royal orders of the king all his subjects came to the palace to have their meals but the woodcutter arrived late the king took him inside while the king was serving meals to the woodcutter the queen noticed that her necklace was missing which she had hung by the peg in the wall the queen thought that it was the woodcutter who had stolen her necklace, and so she called out to her soldiers and got him imprisoned.

This was something his Queen detested very brihaspari neither she observed fasts nor did she give a single paisa in charity. What is good for Gujarat is not necessarily good for India. The king decided that he would observe fasts every day and narrate the stories of Brihaspati God three times a day. If a person observes vdat fast for acquiring money, then he should worship Lord Brihaspati briyaspati yellow colored things.