The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, often looked upon as the third Rosicrucian manifesto, has an entirely different tone from the other Rosicrucian. Wanna save the world? Make art.. Portal. 7 Tracks. 46 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Chemical Marriage on your desktop or mobile device. Chemical wedding or marriage, sometimes called coniunctio, in alchemy is the joining of the male elements (fire and air that are represented by sulphur) with the .

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By the fourth no man shall reach the place, because it is a consuming way, practicable only for incorruptible bodies.

The ships arrive at Olympus Tower, an alchemical laboratory separated into seven levels where the process of rebirth is chemickla to take place. At the request of an old woman, Binah – the Universal mother, an umbilical-like rope is lowered; Rosenkreutz manages to catch hold of it and thus becomes a Poraios de Rejectis – brought forth from amongst the rejected.

The dove is also often seen as a symbol for the feminine Holy Spirit. After the ceremony, C. Beside this were a burning candle, a celestial globe, a small striking-watch, a little crystal pipe from which ran a stream of clear blood-red liquor, and a chemuckal with a white serpent crawling in and out of the orbits.

Alchimia – The Divine Feminine of The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

Upon hearing this, C. The route is defined by lanterns that a maiden, dressed in the blue colour of expansive Jupiter, has been lighting. Those unwilling to undergo this ordeal she stated should remain in the dining hall. Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno Narriage drawing near, the wanderer hastened on to a second gate, guarded by a lion, and to which was affixed a tablet with the words Date et dabitur voliswhere he presented a letter given him by the first gatekeeper.

So Christian takes the first porters mxrriage and through his delightful allegorical tale, leaves us knowledge of the spiritual and alchemical processes through which God operates and the Universe unravels. Written like a fairy-tale, it fires the imagination and ignites the soul. All sought to grasp the rope and many were pulled away from it by others. He then departed from his house with joy. Dualistic manifestation and paired symbolism is seen everywhere and we could certainly consider the Virgin, through her interaction with Christian, to be a complimentary and a balancing force for him.


Music | The Chemical Marriage

In Christian imagery seven rays can often be seen emanating from the image of the dove. Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references Books with missing cover Articles containing German-language text Articles with Project Gutenberg links Articles with LibriVox links.

The third path would be the general letters of Peter, James, Jude, and John. The executioner is the mind, the higher part of which–symbolized by the head–is necessary to the achievement of the philosophical labor. The Virgin gives an oration to honour the departed and tells Christian and his companions that it is time to help them be reborn. Christian was also the only one privy to the departure of the bodies on the boats under the auspices of the Virgin, the night before the burial service.

The bird drank from the little fountain and was fed with the blood of the white serpent which crawled through the openings in the skull. Immediately following its publication the purpose for which the volume was intended became the subject of popular speculation.

Christian Rosencreutz, having prepared in his heart the Paschal Lamb together with a small unleavened loaf, was disturbed while at prayer one evening before Easter by a violent storm which threatened to demolish not only his little house but the very hill on which it stood. It was on Easter-day that the Constitutions of the Freemasons of Strasburg was first signed in Regensburg, with a second signed shortly afterwards in Strasburg.

In the Hermetic Marriage divine and human consciousness are united in holy wedlock and he in whom this sacred ceremony takes place is designated as “Knight of the Golden Stone”; he thereby becomes a divine philosophic diamond composed of the quintessence of his own sevenfold constitution.

His page tells him that when this tree, which seems to be continually bearing fruit and yet also keeps melting, has completely melted, that Lady Venus will awake and be mother of a King.

On the way they encounter sirens, nymphs and narriage who entreat them to stay and listen to them sing. The events of this story span seven days and are divided into seven chapters, each chapter relating a different day.


But how can we know where the middle is without first knowing where the extremes are and is it actually possible to know them from a singular point of view?

The story of The Chemical Marriage relates in detail a series of incidents occurring to an aged man, presumably the Father C. On each throne sat two persons: The door closes sharply behind him, trapping his coat and reminding us that over attachment to earthly possessions are often a hindrance to spiritual goals.

In the second chapter CRC sits down to rest under three tall cedars. The divine power of this radiant globe is cognizable to man as the sun. The unsuccessful candidates remain unadorned, become prisoners, chemickap are assigned to a group dependant upon which weight virtuecaused them to fail the test. Many figures found in the various books on symbolism published in the early part of the seventeenth century bear a striking resemblance to the characters and episodes in The Chemical Marriage.

Christian is not sure if she is real chemuckal not. The nine lords were bound together with the rest that were at the table 27 total and CRC cried. This work, which is very rare, should be reproduced in exact facsimile to provide students with the opportunity of examining the actual text for the various forms of cipher employed.

The Chemical Marriage

To the west was a great porch in which stood three thrones, the central one elevated. In Greek legend the white dove was a symbol of Aphrodite, Goddess of love, her Roman equivalent being Venus, but more of her later. It is presumed that this Practice of obliterating the owners names was marriqge prevent the early Rosicrucians and Hermetists from being discovered through the volumes composing their libraries.