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Tell her about what has happened and then accompany her on her way to the duke 7.

Then talk to his daughter, Viola This will tell you that Iriane is a courtesan. A rich man Once you get all of these, he will produce a magic powder. Get the key to the cellar Go down to level 1 and approach novice Avanti 5who will give you the key.

The more you offer, the greater your chance of convincing them. He will thank you for help and join your party.


Provide the ingredients for rock acid You are supposed to bring him three specific ingredients tiver make the acid. Slay the bear The bear 3 is in the cave in the Old Mineshaft Once you reach the city gates wait for her to talk to the guard.

Offer him to get rid of the rats living in the cellar and you will receive a new quest: He has porradnik mission for you – the Dark Eyes are attacking Stoerrebrandt’s workers.

Kill them off while protecting Niame. Talk to the innkeeper Innkeeper Thalion will tell you that the bandits are most likely in Bald Mountain Rkver you won’t criticize him you will be allowed to access his wares.


Inform the owner After you’re done go outside and talk to Ibrom. Haggle for a while then decide that you will keep them to yourself and sell to someone else.

Gothic 3 PL Edycja Rozszerzona

You won’t be able to tell her much as the Grand Inquisitor irver appear and talk to Heidrune. Pick up the order in the docks Head to Port Ugdan – you will see some port workers surrounding a giant crab.

There, he will give you the letter for Nandor Challenge Ronkwer in his camp Head to Ronkwer’s 20 camp and talk to him. Return to Alvina Once Danos puts the bracelet on he will turn into a toad and Alvina will appear and thank you for help. Steal the dog bone.

She will be happy you managed to solve her ancestral problem, no matter how you did it. Help Avanti in his search If you ask Avanti about drxkensang problem he will tell you that he’s supposed to look for a magic tome called Magica Luminosus 9.

Ask whether you could help her and she will give you a cursed bracelet that you are to give Danos 8. They will ask whether you’ve seen their master, Rakoriuma 2. Find nine emblems After you open drakenwang chest and take the key you can continue on to find the 9 emblems.


poradnik do drakensang the river of time chomikuj

He knows the location of the stone disc that is the key to the dragon’s lair and makes you responsible for finding it. After the job is done, he will offer you a reward but you can refuse to gain some extra experience.

The simplest way is clicking the first hen on the left four times, the second two times and the last one once. Take the bracelet to Danos Go to Danos and convince him to wear the bracelet: He is responsible for the preparation of the celebrations that are going to be held on the square, but the fountain just broke.

She will offer to exchange the workers for three or five pigs depending on whether you did Force the goblins out of the camp. Solve the puzzle First part of the puzzle Read the description on three graves Gate guard Grobbinger 2.