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Also, it may be the glow plug issue that you think. You may feel or hear an occasional pop or miss as an air bubble is dislodged, maybe for a few hours of operation afterward. I can’t have them open or capped I assume. Showing 1 – 1 of 1 items found, sorted by: Water pump, oil sump, steering arm.

Water pump for Massey Ferguson They certainly are not getting hot up on top, but with this much current draw I would have to think they would be heating. Crank until the pulses seem equivalent in volume and timing. I wonder if it is possible that my injector pump is not putting out enough pressure or that I still have a pocket of air in one or two injectors and it is providing enough “cushion” that those injectors are not opening.


Does it crank slowly? Popular Vintage Jseki Makes: Then, use a jumper wire or some other method to test each glow plug and make sure each is pulling current. Homepage Today’s Posts Search. I didn’t crank the engine prior to locating the problem.

Iseki TX tractor dimensions information

Ilikeurtractor, When isolating the injectors, what do I do to the hard lines? Turn the charger onto “boost” if available, preheat for another 10 or 15 seconds, then crank the engine.

I have that Manual in printed form but it is at home and my tx21140 is at my remote farm.

Its sounds like it may be another issue. Bolens G Iseki TX fuel line broken now ttx2140 start after repair In my experience, and according to things I have read, grey smoke means little combustion is occurring, as when the chamber is cold and no preheating device is used.

I connected 1 glow plug and it pulled 11 amps, when I connected all 3 my in series meter went over range.

Tractor parts described as suitable for original manufacturers on this site are Sparex branded tractor replacement parts and are not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM. In stock for delivery only. I tried this, even bleeding about a cup of fuel. I will try this procedure in the morning.

Water pump for Massey Ferguson Have never tried cranking the engine with the glow plugs not functioning at all so I have never experienced the black smoke issue lseki starting.


FLK4501 Oil Fuel Filter Kit ISEKI Tx2140 Tx2160 Tractor

The meter did not move. So maybe I have a second problem going on and this is all coincidental.

tx21440 It should fire up after a little bit of cranking. The tractor chugs as if it is going to start and I get some black smoke but it will not start.

Basically, all the normal things to restart a diesel. By clicking the button below, you agree to the TractorByNet.

Iseki TX2140

I noticed that I can keep my fingers on the tops of the glow plugs which doesn’t seem right but I didn’t have any meters to check current draw with me. Shipping costs are not available for this item. That tractor is on a remote piece of property so it will be a week or so before I get back there to try it out. The isrki now is It may be a couple cycles: I looked at the smoke again today and it is grayish black, for some reason I thought it was black yesterday.

He specializes in Bolens and Iseki repair so he should be able to help. Good luck is finding and correcting your problem.